Saturday, September 21, 2013

London Fashion Week

                                Ahh Fashion Week Season 

It's that time of year again where all the biggest designers debut their Spring/Summer collections and where us fashion bloggers droll over all the gorgeous clothes. And this London fashion week that just passed was a absolute killer.
Mulberry in participial was absolutely amazing.

Some of my personal favorites

All the colors and prints are so amazing, Emma Hill has an amazing eye for detail. I am in love with all of the coats for the collection and can't wait to hopefully rock some of these amazing pieces.

All of topshop's shows were on point and totally to die for. 

The bold colors and flowy fabrics are 100% perfect. As well as the prints are making me fall in love with pants suits in a whole new way and making me want to wear them everywhere i go. Not to mention all of the shoes, oh my i might end up completely broke and I could probably blame it all on Topshop.

Holland House 
Wow prints prints prints!
I see a lot of print mixing in all of our futures this up coming spring and summer.

All so gorgeous, a big round of applause for Henry Holland.

Those are just a few of my favorite shows from this past London Week. All in all I absolutely can't wait for the up coming spring and summer months to rock some of these trends and pieces. But I'm not too in a hurry of course, I'm loving this very soon up coming Fall and winter season!

* Credit to all photographers for all the picture*

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