Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Miracle product: Moisturizer

Hello my lovely's before I kick this post off I would just like to apologize for my absence this last 2 weeks. I have been finishing up my school year (YAY) and studying for SAT's I have been a little MIA on the social media. But I'm back, I promise I am back!

So now I faced a catastrophic deliem about 3 to 4 weeks ago, bone dry skin. I don't know what happened but it seemed like one day I woke up and I had all these dry patches and my overall skin just looked super dehydrated. So I was on the hunt of a new moisturizer to possibly in any way help with this huge problem I was facing. So of course I hit up Sephora, and I meet a lovely sales assistant who told me she was having the same problem, and she said that actually she found something from the drugstore that had saved her. Of course I was like score, a savior for the rut I was in AND it was from the drugstore?! Perfect.
And it's this little guy right here. 

Ok so I am obviously in love with thing, right? Right. This moisturizer just sucks all the life into my face, if that makes sense, prob not. But ever since I've been using this bad boy my makeup goes better, I have no dry patches, and just overall my skin feels more hydrated. It coming out like as a white substance and has a very milky consistency and just goes on very nicely. I think the only thing you should be wary of is the scent, personally I love it, but if you don't like perfumey scents you might have a problem with that so just keep that in the back of your mind. But all in all I really love this product, for 8-9 bucks at the drugstore, I am completely in love.    

Hope you guys liked it! 

- Doris x

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