Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beauty Book Bag Must Haves

   Seeing as I am still in school, I figured that some other must be as well.
There are a few things that i could not possibly go to school without and use on a daily basis.

The first few thing ( from left to right) are a balm stain, the color pay off of the stain will last a while and the balm will moisturize your lips. The next is a roller perfume, its small and virtually spill prof and you smell nice throughout the day. The next thing is basically the same thing but it is separate ends of the product, you apply the balm and then the stain afterwards. It just lasts a little longer and has no shimmer/ glitter running through it. I also find it absolute necessary to always carry a hand lotion/cream. I myself always try to apply some after washing my hands.
Revlon Balm Stain in honey - H&M Shinning Moon - Revlon Lipstain + Balm in Victorian - EOS hand lotion

And the final thing is a press powder with a little color with a mirror. It helps through out the school day with shine and oiliness and adds a little color for areas were your make up  might have rubbed or wore off a little.
Covergirl oil press powder in medium light

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