Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

                                                                         Hey Guys
So if you are any thing like me you are a last minute Christmas shopper. So this post is going to be gift ideas for the women in your life.

Now girls can be the hardest and easiest to shop for. But try to look for things with little personal touches, like if they are a phone junkie. Are they constantly complaining about their phone dying while you're out together they maybe you could get them a portable charger, like a Halo. Gadgets like this are small so they can fit into almost all bags. It holds up to 2 to 3 charges depending on which type you get, and they are a total budget buy coming about 20-30 dollars.

Now cute mugs can be a great gift. Most girls LOVE coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate. And cute little Christmas novelty mugs come in a variety of designs and themes. So no matter what the girl in your life is into you can get her a specialized themed mug, which I am sure she would appreciate.

Travelo, oh a travelo, the perfect gift for your girl on the go. Now this little thing is amazing, you take your favorite perfume and fill it by pumping it in so there is no mess. So if you have a women in your life that is always on the go and spends all day out, this would be the perfect thing to get her. She could fill it up and pop it in her purse and get going.

Onesies, onesies, onesies! The absolute perfect gift for anybody in general, but especially for girls. They are the ultimate gift for your stay at home/like to be cozy 24/7 person in your life (me lol ).

Now for the women in your life who travels a whole bunch, a Korres Sleepover kit. It has everything she will need for a trip from a lip butter stick to a fluid cleanser. Something she'll use a ton traveling or just as everyday products! Something like this is the perfect gift at the perfect price and a nice little set.

Diptyque candles a nice, but quite pricey gift. This could be for someone you would like to spend a little bit more money on. They are nice slow burning candles and smell heavenly. Plus after you burn the candle you could use the glass cup as a makeup brush holder or whatever you need it for, since the glass in nice and thick and versatile. 

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