Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fashion Inspirations!

So over the last few years my style hasn't changed all that much, but I have fell in love and taken a few inspirations from a few fashion icons. 

Taylor Swift

Now it's no secret that I love Taylor as a entertainer and person but I really love her style. She has this girly style with a touch of masculine edge to everything she wears. I also love the rustic antique accessories she adds like a bag or a classic pair of oxfords.

Miranda Kerr 

Now Miranda of course is a style icon for the ages. I absolutely love her laid back model casualty with a girly, high fashion edge. Which being in school, I daily strive for the girly laid back look from Monday to Friday.

Selena Gomez

Miss Selena has completely dived head first into the pool of fashion in last few years and I have been completely in love with it. She has this amazing 6th sense about being able to mix edgy and Bohemian pieces and making it look stunning. Which I myself attempt to mix and Selena constantly giving me ideas.

Given all these examples of what styles I love are some what completely different. But I do try to mix and match what I can and personalize everything I wear. Well I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe gave you some ideas. As well as showed you that  you don't have to just pick one style but you can mix and match with whatever makes you comfortable.

- Doris x 

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