Thursday, February 13, 2014

January Favorites

So I know it's a little bit into February which technically makes this little late but better late than ever right. 

1) So the beginning of this year started with me running out dry shampoo so in a dash I ran into the drugstore and randomly picked up this random one from suave. I love this dry shampoo, first off in smells like straight up mango's, which to me is like heaven. Besides the smell it is a pretty good dry shampoo, I have a little white cast but if you spray it in and leave it in for about 5 mins in tends to do away on its own. It also does a decent job of volumizing as well as adding a little texture.

Now the Revlon colorburst balm stains recently came out and before I even got a chance to check any of them out everybody was gushing over the red, Standout. Being a avid user of red lipstick type products I just had to have it. But of course no matter what store I went to it was always sold out. Which I guess to me meant I had to have it even more and finally a couple of weeks ago Icame up on it at my local Target. It is absolutely amazing, for a balm type product its lasting power is surprisingly great. It goes on well, but taking it off is a bit hard but aside from that I love it.

Blistex this month saved my lips from disaster this month. Last weekend I went on a little school camping trip and it did a number on m lips, they were chapped and flaky (TMI I know) as well as a accidental paper cut. So I turned to a classic for my struggling lips and in a matter off days my lips were back to normal and I owe it all Blistex.

Sugar fresh is a pretty talked about product in the beauty world and with everyone's rave reviews I had to go out and get one. I can tell you this product is well worth the hype, especially after my whole lip catastrophe I needed the extreme moisture punch this bad boy packs.

2) Now the weather here in Georgia has defiantly been up and down, one day we're all in t's and sandals and the next it's raining freaking ice. So I picked up these H&M t's so i could wear them on there own or layer to keep me warm. I can tell you for the price they are pretty nice quality.

3) Now a couple of weeks ago I was strolling through Target and came across these adorable ankle booties. Even with the heel are extremely comfortable and of course very chic. I mean they are your basic black bootie but I think the gold buckles add a very chic touch.

Love you guys xx
       - Doris

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