Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Emma Stone Style Style Steal

Amongst all the celebrity candid fashion going around the last few months, I have been especially in love with the wonderful Miss Emma Stone.  With Emma's style it's all about simplicity simplicity simplicity, but always of course looking super chic. When trying to incorporate some of Emma's style into your own the one thing to remember is Sleek, Simple, and most importantly Chic!   
Overalls- x  Shoes- x  Bag- x  Top- x  

Top- x  Jeans- x Coat- x Scarve- x Bag- x Shoes- x

 As you can see it is fairly easy to recreate Emma's looks, even with some pieces you might have in your closet! Basics are always essential and pair them together in the right way you can have a very chic but simple outfit.  We all know simple elegance is always something to strive for, if thats what you like of course.

Things like plain basic tops in every color

Jeans and Jumpers

Hope this helps you in anyway, let me know if you liked it!

-Doris x

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