Saturday, October 11, 2014

Current Favorites

Hello gorgeous people, I recently took a lengthy internet break and I have finally returned! And I realized I have not not a monthly favorites in quite a while and seeing as it is too far into October to do an ''October faves" we'll just say current.

To start for left to right, lets start with my current shoe obsession & these Steve Madden buets are just that. I can say without a doubt that they are the most comfortable shoes I own. Plus them having a chic pattern means I can wear them everyday but with the sneaker/slip on look. Landing them #1 fave thing of the month/recent times.

Now I am a very picky person when it comes to perfumes. I want them to be sexy, classy, and smart all in one, which in turn has made my perfume journey a lengthy one. But I think I have struck gold with Taylor by my favorite Taylor Swift. I feel think has everything I look for in a perfume plus a little something extra. Now I would describe the sent to you personally but seeing as I am, pardon my french, shit a it, here is a scent description Taylor by taylor swift .

Now if have read my blog before you'll know that I have reviewed and loved the L'oreal color correcting facial primer, and to my dismay I have run out. and of course I made a trip out to Ulta for a new tube when I saw the Magic Lumi and was very intrigued. To my delight I find it to be really nice. As a person with dry, dull skin I am always looking for ways to inject some life and light into my face. Now as a primer, not my fave one ever but as far as luminizing it's top notch.

For me it has been a long few months of struggle with concealer, mostly because I got really bored of the one I was using and was on the hunt. But I think I found some good'uns among Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Corrector, mouth full and don't I know it, and Revlon ColorStay. I am pretty much in love with this combo at the minute. I got the Instant Age rewind in a shade lighter and I use before my foundation and then after foundation I dab lightly on the ColorStay, and I find that that does a beautiful job on my face.

The only thing that I really have been wearing the last few weeks on my eyes is the Bear Mineral Glimmer shadow in Summer. It is just the perfect goldeny color and on lazy days and on any day really I just like to brush it on and get going. It is just my new favorite gold shadow and I am completely obsessed. Enough said.

The new lip trend that has been circling everywhere is a mauvey brown color, thanks to the glamorous Miss Kylie Jenner. I will not lie to you I have been rocking that look a lot when I go out. But for school and lazy days I have been loving a little more natural easy version of it. That has been the Covergirl Smoochie in #luv u. Now I'm going to lie not my favorite name for a lipstick but I very much like the product. I just find it to be very flattering and easy to wear on a everyday basis. 

That is a rap on my current favorites and I promise I'm going to start posting a lot more now that I back. Hope you enjoyed this! 
x - Doris

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