Tuesday, October 29, 2013

20 facts about me

The other day i was thinking what my next post should be, and then i realized that i have yet to properly introduce myself. Then i thought what better way then to let you in on a bunch of facts on yours truly. Keep in mind im not very interesting and kind of weird. 

1. I am a coffee addict. I basically run off of it since i am a procrastinating student and i hardly sleep.
2. I am a book enthusiast. I'm constantly reading a book, and I basically read anything anyone recommends. 
3. I LOVE Taylor Swift and everything about her. Queen.
4. My best friend is Sydney Darlene Fisher and she's the bestest .
5. I was born in Villingen, Germany, but i am Bosnia due to my family.
6.  I'm fluent in Bosnian, German (kinda) and English 
7. I write tons of music and songs all the time but no one has ever read any of it or heard it either.
8. When i was about nine my grandma slammed the car door on my hand by accident and now my right ring finger curves to the left a bit.
9. I have always had this fascination with guitars, i think they're magical.
10.  I have never broken a bone.
11.  My favorite tv shows are Sex and The City, Castle, Pretty Little Liars, and Law and Oder: SVU
12.   My fashion icons are Alexa Chung, Danielle Bernstein, Zoella Sugg, Selena Gomez, etc
13. Once when i was in kindergarten it was my birthday and my class sang to me. I got so nervous I cried.
 14. I paint my nails every other day, just about.
15. My favorite stores are Zara and H&M
16. I go through 4 or 5 pairs of headphones every few months
17. I don't have a middle name
18. I eat peanut butter straight out of the jar
19. I love crown braids
20. I LOVE big comfy sweaters, i wear them all the time.

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