Saturday, October 19, 2013

Favorite Fall Trends

 A new season brings in an abundance of new trends to obsess over.
And the beginning of this new autumn season has brought some pretty amazing new things to try out and I've been loving it.
                    Leather Jackets

I absolutely  LOVE a good leather jacket. They basically go with everything and anything for any occasion.
You could wear it with some jeans, a tee, and some ankle booties for a casual look, or a dress and some heeled boots for something dressier look.

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are the perfect way to tie together an outfit. They can make even the most casual outfit look a little bit dressier. You could also add some frilly ankle socks ( which i often do) for a classier edge.


Tartan is one of my favorite trends this autumn. Me being one of those people who would all solid black and not even notice, mostly because almost all my favorite pieces are black. But tartan is amazing way to add some print and color into a outfit

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