Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fave Blogging/Youtube Duo

Now I am a blog and YouTube junkie, I love reading blogs/watching videos about almost anything from cooking to how to get the perfect heatless waves. And 2 people in particular lately been my fave of favest, and that is Lily from LillyPebbles and Ana from Vivianna Does Makeup. Now I these two babes are based in London and are the epitome of everything and anything beauty. I absolutely love their personalities as well, they just seem to be amazing gals. And now I leave you with some of my favorite posts of theirs.

How to Pep Up Your Look After A Good Cry
Super Quick Mini CheeseCake Recipe  ( Highly Recommend You Try)
US Beauty List
Clear-Out and Organization Tips

Uni Chit-Chat
Blogging Q&A
Wedding Make-Up

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